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Young Frank Rawkins & Railway Guard

Frank Rawkins

1882 - 1960

Born 02 Feb 1882, Amesbury, Wiltshire.
His father Thomas Rawkins aged 38 was an Agricultural Labourer,
his Mother was Ann Rawkins (nee Beavis)aged 33.

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1881 Census

In the 1881 census, a year before Franks birth, the family lived in the village of Porton in Wiltshire and comprised:-
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Thomas Rawkins Head 37 Agricultural Labourer Porton
Ann Rawkins Wife 32  Ford
Harry J. RawkinsSon 12 Agricultural Labourer Porton
Tom Rawkins Son 10 Scholar Porton
Bessie Rawkins Daughter   8 Scholar Porton
Annie H.Rawkins Daughter   6   Porton
Louisa Rawkins Daughter   4   Porton
George Rawkins Son   1   Porton

1891 Census

By the next census in 1891 the family had moved to Idmiston, about 1 km NE of Porton
Harry now 22 had moved out as had Annie 16 but Bessie had sadly died 21 Nov 1885 aged 12.
Louisa at this time was a Servant to a Mr Frank E Pearce in Salisbury. Three children had been born.
Name RelationshipAge Occupation Birth Place
Thomas Rawkins Head 47 Agricultural Labourer Porton
Ann Rawkins Wife 42   Ford
Tom Rawkins Son 20 Agricultural Labourer Porton
George Rawkins Son 11   Porton
Frank Rawkins Son  9   Porton
Albert Rawkins Son  5   Porton
Maud Rawkins Daughter  2   Porton

1901 Census

Still at Idmiston in 1901 the Rawkins family was much the same. Tom now 30 had moved on
Of note is the fact that Frank has not taken up any agricultural work
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Thomas Rawkins Head 57 Labourer Farm Porton
Ann Rawkins Wife 53   Ford
Geo Rawkins Son 21 Carer of Horse Porton
Frank Rawkins Son 19 Mechanic Labourer Porton
Albert Rawkins Son 15   Porton
Fanny M Rawkins Daughter12   Porton

Frank aged 21 married Jane Ball aged 19,on 25 Dec 1903
at Christ Church, Battersea, London
Frank was a "Porter" Living in 67 Hairforth Road. His father was Thomas Rawkins, a Labourer
Jane also lived in 67 Hairforth Road. Her father was Samuel Lovatt Ball a Plasterer.
The witnesses were Samuel Lovatt Ball and Eliza Ball.
Description: Vol 2a Page 311

They married on Christmas day 1903! (the only day he could get off of work)
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1911 Census

1911 sees the big move to London. This census is the first to record how many children born within this marriage, 2 but only one still living!

Their address at this time; 5 Musjid Road, Battersea. Now SW11 2NA

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Frank Rawkins Head 29 Railway Porter Idmiston
Jane Rawkins Wife 27   Coventry
Florrie RawkinsDaughter  3   Battersea

Franks birthplace is Idmiston here which is where he lived for much of his young life.
Janes birthplace is recorded as Coventry but this latter turns out to be Banbury

Frank died 07 Apr 1960 in Hurn Bay, Kent, England, United Kingdom

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