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Alfred George Alexander

1877 - 1959

Born 09 Sep 1877 in Winkfield, Berkshire, England
His father George Alexander aged 22 was a Carman,
his Mother was Caroline Alexander (nee ?? )aged 36.
Caroline has two children by a Mr. Cock who is no longer
Her maiden name is unknown

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1881 Census

The address here is Winkfield Row with the next road as Grove Lane.
I think that the transcriber has misread the original here. George is only 27

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
George Alexander Head 37 27 Carman Hurst, Berkshire
Caroline Alexander Wife 40 Carman's Wife Sunninghill, Berkshire,
Sarah J. Alexander Daughter 10   Winkfield, Berkshire
Alfred G. Alexander Son  3   Winkfield, Berkshire

1891 Census

The address here is Brookside, Winkfield. Sarah now 20 has moved on, and William, I assume Caroline's Son, has appeared!

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
George Alexander Head 36 General Labourer Hurst, Berkshire
Caroline Alexander Wife 50   Sunninghill, Berkshire
William J Cock Step Son 27 General LabourerSunninghill, Berkshire
Alfred G Alexander Son 13 Scholar Winkfield, Berkshire
Henry Ottaway Cousin 23 General LabourerWillesden, Middlesex

1899 Marriage

Alfred George Alexander aged 22 married Edith Rosina Parker aged 19,on 9 October 1899
at Frimley Parish Church
Alfred George Alexander was a "Labourer " Living in Frimley. His father was George Alexander, a Carman
Edith Rosina Parker also lived in Frimley. Her father was George Parker a Plumber.
The witnesses were Frank Wellman and Ellen Wellman.
Frank Wellman was Edith's Half brother (perhaps)
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1901 Census

1901 the family is living in New Road Ascot Now: SL5 8P?.
Sarah now 30 has come back, under her true name. Working at home, is she taking in washing?
Eva is born to Alfred and Edith.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
George AlexanderHead 45 Carter Hurst, Berkshire
Caroline Alexander Wife 60   Sunninghill, Berkshire
Sarah J Cock Step Daughter 30 Laundress --- At home Winkfield, Berkshire
Alfred Alexander Son 23 Labourer Bricklayer Winkfield, Berkshire
Edith R Alexander Daughter in Law 22   Devon,
Eva R Alexander Grand Daughter  1   Ascot, Berkshire

1911 Census

Woodside, Winkfield, nr. Windsor.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Alfred G AlexanderHead 33 General Labourer Winkfield, Berks
Edith R Alexander Wife 30   Ermington, North Devon
Eva R Alexander Daughter 11 School Winkfield, Berks
George W Alexander Son  9   Winkfield, Berks
Frederick V A AlexanderSon  5   Sunninghill, Berks

Alfred's & Edith's address in 1911 was Woodside, Winkfield. I think Woodside was a district not a road, although there is a Woodside Road. Curiously an old student of mine has said that he lives in the house once occupied by Alexanders, at the far westen end of Kiln Lane, Woodside, Ascot.

Alfred became a Carter / Coal merchant and lived in a wooden house in Kiln Lane. My mother says that she had helped to nail the boards of this house. She was born in 1912, so their move from one end of Kiln Lane to the other was, perhaps in the 1920's. My memory from the 1950's is of a small house and a large garden with stables,sheds and piles of coal. Next door was a large pond, an old clay pit, opposite was the brick works run by a Mr Sarny. At the top of the road was a wood yard, lots of felled trees ready to be cut into planks. All this is now new houses. The current postal address is The Nook, Kiln Lane, Winkfield, WINDSOR, SL4 2DU

Alfred lived in this house until his death on 10 Feb 1959

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