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Frank Tucker

1890 - 1965
Frank was Born Feb 1890, Newbury, Berkshire Volume: 2c Page: 221
His navy record say 1891
His father Aaron Tucker aged 36 was a Bricklayer,
his Mother was Emma Susannah Tucker (nee Sargisson) aged 33.

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1891 Census

7 Lisle Court, Newbury. Now RG14 5QP
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Aaron Tucker Head 36 Bricklayer Aldbourne, Wiltshire
Emma S Tucker Wife 34   Winteringham, Lincolnshire
Frederick Get Tucker Son 12 Frogger Newbury
John E Tucker Son 10 Scholar Newbury
Charles A Tucker Son  8 Scholar Newbury
Emma E E Tucker Daughter  6 Scholar Burghclere, Hampshire
Charlotte A Tucker Daughter  4   Burghclere, Hampshire
Frank Tucker Son  1   Newbury

1901 Census

4 Lisle Court, Newbury. Now RG14 5QP  
Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Frederick G A Tucker Head 22 Brick Layer Greenham, Berkshire
Eliza Tucker Wife 22   Thatcham, Berkshire
Frederick G A Tucker Son 2   Greenham, Berkshire
Ellen Tucker Daughter <1 Mo   Newbury
John E Tucker Lodger 20 Brick Layer's LabourerNewbury
Frank Tucker Brother 11   Newbury

On 3 June 1910 Frank signed up for 12 years in the Royal Navy

 Name    Tucker, Frank
 Official Number:        K7154
 Place of Birth:         Newbury, Berkshire
         26 February 1891        ADM 188/881

 Victory II was the Crystal Palace/Sydenham training depot for the
 Royal Naval Division from 1914 and in Naval parlance, was "paid off"
 on 21.3.19. It was also known as HMS Crystal Palace. It appears to
 have had no existance prior to 1914.

Frank aged 24 married Harriett Payne aged 21,on 21 Mar 1914
at "The Register Office" Dorking, Surrey, England.
Frank was a "Stoker First Class" Living in Portsmouth. His father was Aeron Tucker, a Steeple Jack
Harriett lived in Westcott, Dorking. Her father was Robert William Payne, a Gardener.
The witnesses were Elizabeth Payne and Rose Elizabeth Stuart
Description: Vol 2a Page 311
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Frank died sometime in 1965 Aged 75
Surrey-S.E Vol 5g Page 365


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