The Alexanders in Ascot 1891 - 1994

Let me start with what I know from my first memory in the 50's of a small bungalow a big barn / shed and long garden. This was in what is now know as "Kiln lane". Turning off the main Windsor road into Woodside road on the left I could see a timber yard full of felled trees. Good we are nearly there. Then turn left into Kiln Lane a big hedge on the left and turn into the drive of the small wooden bungalow. Further up the road on the right was the brick works, I do not remember if it was working in my day. Opposite the brick works was a large pond, an old clay pit so may be work had stopped long time ago

At the back of the bungalow was a big shed. We always entered the bungalow through the back door without knocking, strange I thought one should always knock. Here was the scullery then into the main room with a big radio in the corner which needed big batteries called accumulators. Then to a narrow corridor with stuffed fox heads as trophies. Here a bedroom each side and the front door. Where was the kitchen? Who knows, such is the memory of a five year old.

This from my cousin
Yes you walked straight into the house - into the kitchen then into the little sitting room. Through the sitting room, a door to the left of the fireplace, into the hall with the really scary fox heads - I was really scared of those things - and then the 2 bedrooms.

When you walked in the living room was to the left and the loo - and larder (very healthy!) - was to the right. All small. I am sure they were on septic tank and the bath was probably a metal one dragged out once a week, hopefully in front of the fire in the living room!

The picture on the right show the front of the bungalow.
The left one shows Alfred & Edith with their grandson Derek his Wife Maud and their Daughter Sue.
Perhaps the picture was taken by Alfred & Edith's son Fred, his wife Betty is on the right of the picture.
Here then are four generations of Alexander's. Taken in the mid 1950's.

Grandad was a "Carter", "Coal Merchant" and General Labourer. The garden was big and had a few odd buildings perhaps for the horse and pigs. In the shed was coal but it is all a bit hazy now.


In 1994 we were living in Bracknell, about 10 miles from the bungalow and for some reason took a camera out there. No one was living there but I was challenged by someone who knew my family.

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The image above is a "Sketch Up" render I made from the photographs.

That then is my personal knowledge, there follows more concrete facts about the area:-


The map above shows the area in 1973. Now known as Woodside and look the Saw mill / Timber yard is still there. The pond / clay pit has been built on. My grandmother had moved to Guildford after Grandad's death in 1959 the bungalow is owned by a relative.


The map above shows the area in 1932 and shows the bungalow with the long garden and out houses. I do not know when the bungalow was built but my Mother was born in 1912 and said that she had helped to nail the boards of this house so if she was ten then may be 1922. Small house, three children, large garden, lots of hard work.


In the map above, dated 1912, one can see a small group of houses now called "Woodside Road". The whole area then was called Woodend and was built around the kilns pits and works of "the Ascot Brick Works"

Kiln Lane is the road first left off of Woodside Road. The bungalow in which the Alexander's lived has not been built yet but will be where the number 121 is.


My Mother was born in August of this year, I celebrated her 100th anniversary at the London Olympics.
The family is now complete Alfred, Edith, Eva, George, Frederick & Dorothy

1911 Census

Woodside, Winkfield, nr. Windsor.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
Alfred G AlexanderHead 33 General Labourer Winkfield, Berks
Edith R Alexander Wife 30   Ermington, North Devon
Eva R Alexander Daughter 11 School Winkfield, Berks
George W Alexander Son  9   Winkfield, Berks
Frederick V A AlexanderSon  5   Sunninghill, Berks

Alfred and Edith Alexander, had been married for twelve years. Alfred was a general labourer and they lived in a dwelling that had three rooms. This is not the small bungalow in Kiln lane but may be a house further along Kiln lane, past the pond.

1901 Census

In 1901 the family was living in New Road Ascot. Now: SL5 8QB. Eva is born to Alfred and Edith.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
George AlexanderHead 45 Carter Hurst, Berkshire
Caroline Alexander Wife 60   Sunninghill, Berkshire
Sarah J Cock Step Daughter 30 Laundress --- At home Winkfield, Berkshire
Alfred Alexander Son 23 Labourer Bricklayer Winkfield, Berkshire
Edith R Alexander Daughter in Law 22   Devon,
Eva R Alexander Grand Daughter  1   Ascot, Berkshire

From an old address book the address is 23 New Road, ASCOT, SL5 8QB. If you look at the number on the gate in the street view below, you will see number 23. Perhaps this is where Eva was born. The house name was "Spion Kop". I wonder why.

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1899 Eva is born

  Eva was born 29 Dec 1899 in New road Ascot.
  This certificate is dated 14 Jan 1918.
  Note the date top left = 1900

1891 Census

The address here is Brookside, Winkfield.

My grandfather is 13 years old.

Name Relationship Age Occupation Birth Place
George Alexander Head 36 General Labourer Hurst, Berkshire
Caroline Alexander Wife 50   Sunninghill, Berkshire
William J Cock Step Son 27 General LabourerSunninghill, Berkshire
Alfred G Alexander Son 13 Scholar Winkfield, Berkshire
Henry Ottaway Cousin 23 General LabourerWillesden, Middlesex

This is a bit confusing the area now known as Brookside appears to be the north end of New Road. Is this the same house or one just up the road? I now understand that the New Road house was built in 1901, so this is not the same house.

I started this page as a way to publish my work with Google Maps. In March 2013 I was learning about Sketch Up, Google Earth and the script files that link to two. Here a year later are my efforts :- Ascot Pins Click to find out about:- Alfred and Edith, Sarney's Brick works, Big Pond, Wood Yard, Eva's Birth place, Spring Gardens, Saint Peter's Church Cranbourne, George Alexander.

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